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are you a photgrapher

publish your own global exhibition of your works on publissh. you can show your publications & downloads for free or charge your audience to have access to your stuff in a publissh pod!

you can offer them to show for free, or you can charge for them.

are you an amateur or hobby photographer who has a collection of great images that you would love to publish on a world wide scale. you can show them for free or if you think could sell them, you can charge for them.  you set the selling price, it could be a few cents or dollars -  up to the sky.  if only one of your images proves popular you can make good money!

student photographers

if you are a student photographer you can use publissh for a few things.  you can show & sell not only your images but your school work as well.  lots of students use publissh as a resource to find publications and to post their own publications. focusing on your career, you may be wanting to build an esteemed reputation as a photographer, publishing on publissh to show the world.  you might be building a photography business or studio, you can use publissh to sell your images and digital files online world wide.  starting your career or publissh is the best opportunity you could have. please see how to u publissh for full details.

professional photographers & studios

a professional photographer or studio can use publissh to show, sell & transport your products. you too might be seeking exposure to gain recognition or to grow your business financially, publissh is the tool for you! you can publish your images online globally for free, you can sell individual images or your whole collection, (either in a pdf brochure type publication or a file download (zip) of all your low resolution online media, or you can offer full spec image downloads - large file/high resolution - as well).  you can even offer 'one off's' sales of products by setting number of access to '1' & placing your asking price for it... be it an actual mounted print in your store or a high res download.

it only takes one popular image to create great recognition or revenue - you could be selling access & downloads for a minimal price, down to one (1) cent per access,,, but if you have an image or digital file that becomes in demand, you could make a sound dollar, imagine if it went viral???

remember you are not only publishing online reaching the obvious markets available to you - you are publishing on a global online publishing resource & platform. publissh supports this by a savvy internal - tiered promotional system, social media campaign, sales consultants & most of all - word of mouth advertising - we @ publissh also support you in achieving the most exposure or sales you can.  we support you in getting your sales on publissh across the line. please see how to u publissh for full details.

are you a gallery owner or curator?

publissh is the tool for you to increase exposure of the artworks in your current exhibition to either get people coming in to see you, or showing your pieces on publissh online around the world.  you can even charge the public to download a digital file copy of the artwork, or you can actually sell the pieces by setting your publications access price in publissh to the same price you have in the gallery & maybe add some to allow for transport/delivery costs.

or use publissh to manage your next exhibition by posting a download of a ticket that can be printed out - you can charge for the tickets if you like or offer them for free.  you can set the number of ticket downloads in publissh, so if you only want 100 people attending the exhibition, set the number of downloads to 100.  because publissh can track the amount of downloads that tells you the number of tickets that have been secured. 

models can also use publissh to show your portfolio online to the world, and you can even charge the public to access & download your images!

publissh use of the day:- post your selfies on publissh and charge for them! (then post your publissh details where you currently post your selfies and telll your followers/contacts that you are now charging for access to your selfies on publissh. they can either just view them online or even download a copy).  you could charge as little as $0.01 cent per access or download, up to anything you think your selfies might be worth! earn money from your selfies on publissh, you could make a tidy income!  please see how to u publissh to find out al the details.

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