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breath the bandana

from the video, the pink smoke represents the airborne corona virus, and the bandana shows the protection - both breing others stuff in, and us breathing stuff out -why arent we being told to grab a bandana and wrap it round our mouth to stop the spread of the virus,,,.dont by one, cut up cotton fabric, a bed sheet into 60 x 60cm squares...fold it over to be a triangle, then wrap and tie around your nose and mouth, tieing around your head....

WE ALL KNOW, that by having a virus that is spread in the air (air bourne) that our best defence is to have a face mask on,,,  it stops our airborne particles from going out, and protects against others coming into our most inffectable area, mouth, nose and face...

ITS BECAUSE the power that be, havent promoted this as a solution because understandably thay didnt want to advertise this barrier measure because they couldnt run out of PPE supplies....for the workers on the frontline needs to be supplied, our heros on the front line....

The order for social distancing is 1.5m apart because this limits the spread from close mouth/face to face and breath transferral, so this alone reinforces that if we all wore a bandana, people to people transmission would minimise.

So a simple solution is why dont we go back to the old wild wild west,,,


Its easy to make a bandana, you DONT need to by one...

After quick investigation, 100% cotton is best to make a bandana out of to protect from airbone coronas...  ANY cotton bedsheet will do, the higher the thread count the better, 60cm x 60cm is best, but ALL is easily washable,,, we dont need to deprive the frontline nurses and doctors to have to worry about their PPE (personal protective equipment), at a medical grade level,,,ALL we need to do is cut up some cotton bedsheets and make our own bandana 4 breath all helps, but this will eliviate the airborne spread, then all we need is the touch

bandana 4 breath !!! spread the word, not the virus !!!

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