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true freedom of speech and freedom of the press is here!!!

publissh, public online publishing … true freedom of the press is here, publissh offers you publishing, anyone publishing with no censorship, no editing & no political influence constraints from your publisher. (as long as the publication is legal & you own the copyright!) you can publissh now for free and get income from!


publissh is the perfect platform/tool for any journalist. you can publish any document you want, no getting it past the editor, only to have the publication you work for getting the proceeds. you can just have a collection of your articles shown for free, or if you think it may be worth something, like an exclusive that you want to sell to other publications, you can put a price on it for the public to access & download. publissh is perfect for any journalist, you can write your own articles on any topic you want, no editor! you might have a story you’ve been on or are currently working on that you want to get out there. maybe your an investigative journalist that has big information but your publication wont let you publish it because you have your own angle – go rogue on publissh - or you might have an important article on the flea treatment of a jack russell -that your groups newsletter wont publish – again go rogue on publissh -go rogue on publissh - ….you might want to put all the articles you’ve done over your career in one place. once articles from publications are archived, they often charge a fee for the public to access them. why not do the same and put your articles on publissh for free and charge the public to see them and you get the proceeds. there's many uses you being a journalist has on publissh. publissh is also a great file transport tool and central storage hub for your clients to have easy accessibility to your files. you can password protect any publication so you can limit access to only the people you want. set up your publications now for free and get income from! please see – 


if you are a writer, of anything, you would understandably love to have a free site/tool to publish your writings on to get them exposure to the world. well publissh is here. you can publish anything, no editing or having to go back and forward with editors until they are satisfied to publish it. you also can have an access fee for the public to pay to see or download your publication. you set the price, and you get 80% of royalties. at a publishing house for example, you have to pay to start the process, go back and forth through the editing process, getting it published, then only if you reach a minimum sales limit, then you get only 10-15% or the royalties…. you might be an author, a song writer, a poet, a screen writer, a script writer, a play writer, a journalist, a kids book writer etc and that's just for documents. publissh is an all online media publisher, so you can publish not only documents, but images, audio, video and even remote media. you can also offer downloads of your work to the public in any file format. you could also be a content or copy writer, either for on or off line publication, you can come over to publissh as well. you could have a blog, to a pod cast… you can even use publissh as a job manager, you could be a copy writer working remotely. get your brief, do the job, put it online for download for the fee agreed. your client pays & then has access to your download file, you've already been paid! no more chasing accounts… you can also password protect, set age restriction and ………….. on every publication. so using the password protection, you can then transport revisions secururley back and forth with your clients.


if your are an existing author, unpublished, trying to but keep getting rejected or cant afford it? well here's your dream provided. all your works can go on publissh for the world to see right now or as soon as you can save them into a pdf file. you can put your publications for the public to have free or paid access to your stuff. so basically you can charge for it, most importantly, you set your price to sell each of your publications on publissh.

are you a current publishing author with a book/publishing deal that you’re not completely happy with & think you can do either differently or better, well you can do that on publissh right now! publissh is a marketplace as well, for instance if you have a new online publication on publissh & you want to offer a physical finished copy, like a bound book, you can….


maybe you write legal documents, business documents, any kind of specialised document even templates. publissh is not only an avenue for you to show or sell these documents online but to transport your files as well to all your clients and future clients, be they next door or remote. Add a publissh password to the pod and only people you want to see your pod can...


students can publish their works, what ever they be, a finished project worthy of being a product and can be displayed or downloaded to either gain exposure or recognition or even sell to make an income.

or it may just be your general assignments, works & tests etc for others to use as a resource next term….or years down the line. you could even be a phd a professor or some renowned academic, you can use publissh for your exposure or financial gain.



you might be another kind of media creator, other documents, images, audio, video & remote media, you can put them all on publissh for the world to see – either for free or paid! this encompasses blog writers, pod casts, selfies, songs, memes, right through to online video content and remote media. videos could be funny videos, music videos, tutorial presentations, general interest etc etc. the list of applications of publissh – public online publishing - is virtually endless. you can publish now on publissh for free and get paid for it! please goto post pod on publissh for more details.


publissh may look simple & humble – more like powerful and understated, modest even..isnt that .we are the first to create, offer & share this power with you. … the power of the system is undeniable itself & what it can offer you is astounding – public online publishing – (of ALL online media) we are the creator of this innovative technology & concept, we’re the 1st, come join us and you be the 1st as well.




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