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publish any digital file and you could get paid for it!

considering we all put/publish everything on the internet all the time for free, now it's time to be paid for it!!!


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you can search for publication title, author, file type, keyword & publication category - images, documents, audio, video, remote media & downloads. no censorship!

@ we focus on not censoring any publication as long as it's legal and you own the copyright.  we believe that everybody has the right to free speech.  you retain your copyright and is not responsible or liable for any publication posted on this website. you are responsible and you agree to these terms and conditions by posting on this site.

are you a student?

you can use publissh for a lot of things... most of all, you can publish for free & get paid for it... all your work you've worked hard on may be valuable to another up and coming student!  or you might need publissh as a resource to get the works of a prior student,  right through to your work may have it's own following, why not put your work on  It's not just for documents, publissh can also display images, audio, video & remote media online, can also offer any digital file of any extension as a download - for free or paid access by the public -  besides that, you can use for many things - you can publish your selfies & charge people access, if you have a blog, podcast or other online or digital product or service, publish it on publissh & get paid for it. you may be having an up coming party or event, put your invitations on publissh & password protect them so only your friends can have free* access. (*fees only apply on free access or free download publications)  There's so many applications for publissh that you can earn from.....

are you writing a thesis or other academic document?

that you would like to be published but your university or college wont publish or your uniiversity has published your works but you want to acheive world wide recognition in your field or gain income from your publication ? why not publish your work on, it's free to publish and you get a great part of the royalties generated -not to mention the recognition through selling your works online that you would not otherwise receive.


charge for people to read your blog!

bloggers also want to know how many blogs are on the web today. one infographic put out by blogging experts indicate that there were 152 million blogs on the internet as of 2013. since then, the number of blogs has continued to grow. are you an author of a successful blog?  you can now post it here on and get paid for it!


breaking news!

it's free to publish just about anything with no censorship on, (as long as you own the copyright and its legal to publish!), the only place you can publish independently and get paid for it! 


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are you an artist, photographer or videographer?

have your own paid gallery exhibition on  you can now display your works here for free and get paid every time someone looks through/at your works or downloads them, you can use to approach the general public on a global scale or use it just for your clients.  great for weddings, kids and family photos, events, landscapes portraits, paintings, videos, music videos, celebrity images or video, etc.

it's a great way to deliver your works around the world.   make your paying gallery today! has a heart through philanthropy !

whilst is not a charity, we do see the need to 'pass it forward', so that's why we focus on collecting money in need for certain causes. in a philanthropic sense will take 5% across the board of any donation for administration costs purposes only and the rest of the donation will be accounted for and divided in the terms layed out in the cause publication advertised. is totally transparent and philanthropic books are open to the public.


publissh can also be used for bookings & fundraising.

you can sell tickets to a party or fundraiser for your school or organisation.  just create a publication and charge the amount/s you wish to charge or generate.  your readers then print out your publication as a ticket or receipt of donation.


earn an income from your podcast!

podcasts are the next big thing on the internet now, why not only have worldwide exposure for free and charge a small fee so you can make an income on now you don't have to worry about advertisements to disrupt your flow!  commercial free pod casting!


image earning potential

you could have some selfies published at $0.10 cents each, you may have a big following & sell 20,000 views or downloads. Thats $2000 in sales from one image. Imagine if you published multiple images/selfies. (imagine if the image went viral with the purchase price at $0.10 cents. Then that’s quiet a bundle of cash!). perhaps you may be a professional photographer, where you would charge more per image, say $20, and you sell 100, again $2000 for that one image. You would be publishing more than one image…


knowing your target market and valuing your publication appropriately

so knowing your target market and valuing your publication, within scope, then publissh is the perfect free public online publishing and download system for you, that you can earn revenue from… but it's no use putting a $0.10 cent selfie on publissh & asking $10 per purchase.  You would sell more $0.10 cent selfies


publish just about anything here on publissh with no censorship!

just upload via the 'u publissh' menu to our site for free then we post it and charge the readers to view it! (publissh then pays you 45%- 60% of the paid access to your publications!)


search publissh for a publication or file

you can search for publication title, author, file type, keyword & publication category - images, documents, audio, video, remote media & downloads.


real estate agents can even use publissh

to take care of all your media & present it online.  you could also create a download of a brochure/entry ticket for a showing of an exclusive property.  you only want to take your preferred number of attendees by limiting the number of downloads available.  on the other hand for a open event, unlimited tickets, you could offer unlimited number of downloads & could use publissh as a booking system that takes care of all your bookings, you just keep track of the number of ticket sales...







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