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ptags are the internet wide tags to be exclusive to publissh, other tags are used accross a few social media platforms, so we are using publissh centric tag, the letter - "p" - in front of any word with NO spaces, to direct all ptag searches back to publissh to enable and ensure the accuracy of publissh ptag internet searches...

we can still use hash (#) tags and other tags as well -- or no prefixed tag at all,,.just a word as a tag works well in the search too..,it will come back to your pod post.....

just put "p" in front of any tag/word you do on the internet, (No Spaces) and if you have posted on publissh and used the ptag, people globe wide will find your post on publissh...

so you would type in tags section of creating your publissh article,,,pmyname, pthisisgreat, phowcool, pyesman

"p" you get the message or will all go back to your publissh article post....AWeSOME!!!


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