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how to create a multimedia article

how to post a publissh multimedia article

when you create and save an article, publissh website automatically creates an introduction article and it also creates the full version, which shows all the content entered into the atricle accessable by pressing the read more link on the intro article

1) choose 'post article' from the top menu

2) login if not logged in already, (sign up if not a member)

3) choose a title for your article

4) choose the catagory drop down options and choose 'mutimedia article' catagory

5) add tags by choosing from dropdown list or by typing in your own tag AND PRESSING ENTER AFTER EACH TYPED TAG

6) type in or paste full text of article content into the short description text box.*

7) upload main file

the main file is the downloadable file for full access

when you upload a main file publissh will display the following

a) pdf - publissh auto crates the first page, download to read all on screen

b) image - publissh displays the image and you can download it

c) audio or video file - publissh will display an audio control bar for audio file and a the first shot of the video with controls if a video.

c) any other file will not display anything but allows you to transport a free file or offer a pay file for sale


8) audio or video - publissh only displays the video or audio control bar (this is not the download file, just a display on publissh mutlimedia article. - to sell an audio or video file, upload a short version here and the full version is uploaded to the main file)

9) add mutiple images from 1-10 images for free image gallery

(for pay image gallery, upload a .zip file of images to the main file upload.  If you want to show a free introduction image, add image/s here)

10) add a password

11) add a price if your download (full access) is for sale

12) add authors name

a publissh multimedia article is very versatile! you can do all this in just one multimedia article, you can have text -(typed or pasted), a pdf (unlimited pages), up to 10 images, show an audio or video file, or you can transport (sell) any other file (like a doc or docx), and remote media access. you can even add a password so only the people you want to see your multimedia article can.

*you cannot sell typed text in the short description text box, if you want to sell text you have to .zip it or any other text doc in the main file upload.

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